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Võnklant Kuusamo Räsanen 70mm/20g


When fishing people talk about Helmi-Räsäse, this is exactly what is meant. This is the most popular lure from Kuusamo, and certainly also one of the most used lures in Finland. Due to its size, it is a model that appeals to several types of fish.

After all, seven centimeters is the typical size of the beast’s prey fish. We know fishermen who use the same lure whether they are fishing for salmon in Tenojoki or fishing for pike in Åland. Räsänen’s extensive collection has been built for decades. Every year we release new colors, but from time to time we also introduce new sizes. However, the original form is something we do not compromise on. It has survived from the times when Räsänen was created along the Tenojoki River.


20 g


70 mm

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