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Võnklant Kuusamo Räsanen 50mm/11g


Sometimes the fish like to stay close to the bottom. For example, pikeperch, perch and pike may park in the middle of the bay on top of the shallows. If you can’t catch turps near the shores, go look for fish in the shallows. Typically, in a good area, the depth is 2-4 meters. Big rocks are an advantage, so watch the sonar not only for fish and depth, but also for bottom shapes. Traditional surface trolling does not work effectively over the shallows. The best technique is jigging, i.e. bouncing the lure near the bottom.

Jigging with Räsäsen is done as follows: After casting, let the spoon sink to the bottom. After that, reel in a couple of quick spins of the crank. Wait for the lure to sink down with a shiver. Repeat this and watch the line! Of course, you can always clearly see the rush of the pike, but pike and perch take the lure more inconspicuously. Almost always the fish grabs the hook immediately after reeling in, when the lure is sinking downwards. Counterstrike immediately if you notice the line tightening.


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