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Võnklant Kuusamo Professor 1 Bead 115mm/19g


The turtle pattern on the surface of the lure reflects light in a way that makes the lure’s side flash brightly. The uneven surface creates a lot of flashes in the water that the fish can detect with their lateral line. This model is especially suited for trolling but it can also be used with lightweight casting tackle.

On hot summer days, salmonids begin to act strangely. They usually prefer very cold water – so why do they rise all the way to the surface when the summer is at its hottest? The answer may be found in their food source: vendace. Vendace are in the habit of swarming near the surface even during a heatwave. This usually happens late in the evening or at night. If you want to reap the benefits of this behaviour, you must set your lure at the right swimming depth. A perfect lure for this purpose is the turtle-patterned Professor – it swims at the surface and flashes its sides enticingly.




11,5 cm

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