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Rapala Soft Olio 18cm 55g


Rapala’s Soft Olio 18 cm fish jig is an amazing relative of the Peto and Otus jigs, and it is a genuine beast of a creature. Featuring a soft construction, Olio swims with an impressive, rolling side-to-side action, which is completed by the twisting double tail that makes this lure irresistible to any predator. Soft Olio was designed for catching large predators in various situations, as its action is effective on slower retrieve as well, and the soft construction offers a wide variety of rigging options. When the lure stops, its tail stabilizes its movement as it sinks toward the bottom. The textured surface of the soft lure creates vibrations in the water, which further increase its attractiveness. The 3D surface of the scales makes this a unique fish jig that is amazingly lively and realistic. The highly effective range of colorways includes great options for going after predators in any weather!

• Double tail with a strong kick
• 3D scales
• Colorways proven to be effective
• High-quality finish


55 g


18 cm

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