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Leech ATW6 Yellow

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ATW6 mudelid on kerged ja lahedad päikeseprillid, mida saad kasutada nii kalal kui ka linnas kandmiseks.

Premium Sight objektiiv teeb polarisatsiooni väga kvaliteetseks ning kuna prilli läätsed on väga kerged, siis on ka päikeseprillid kerge kaaluga ja mugavad pikaajaliseks kandmiseks. ATW6 kollase läätsega mudeliga saab väga edukalt ka hämaras valguses püüda.

Yellow Lens
A lot of fishermen prefer fishing before dawn or before sunset, because that is the time when the fish are really active.
For people who fish in the deep sea, it is recommended that they opt for lenses that are yellow in color and they cut glare, prevent eye strain, and are great for visibility.

Ultraviolet treatment UV400
This coating keeps the sun’s UV rays from harming your eyes. 100 % UVA, UVB and UVC Protection.

Polarized triacetate cellulose (TAC)
TAC lenses are formed from sheets of compound plastic with a multi-layered lens technology. It is the lightest polarized lens available and the efficiency of the polarization is 99%.

Scratch-resistant coating
In the face of all the advancements in eyeglass lens coatings, eyeglass lenses are still not scratch proof – not even glass lenses. However, the Leech eyeglass lenses are treated front and back with a clear, hard coating which make it much more scratch resistant.

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